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Lightning Eliminators & Consultants (LEC) is dedicated to providing integrated lightning prevention and lightning protection products, solutions and services by utilizing innovative patented charge transfer technology, grounding systems engineering, surge protection design, and by providing comprehensive consulting services based on physics and state-of-the-art engineering principles.  Working in over 80 countries and throughout the United States, LEC Global has implemented its proprietary DAS™ solutions, in addition to RGA™ solutions for floating roof tanks, across many industries such as Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Biochemical, Communications, Flammable Liquids, Power Generation, Information Technologies, Transportation, Logistics, Broadcasting, Shipping, Mining, Nuclear Energy, Utilities, and Manufacturing.

LEC offers free lightning risk assessments to businesses, in order to greatly reduce the risk not only of fire and property damage due to a lightning strike but also of business interruption due to damage or destruction of electronics and data.  Take advantage of this important service by clicking here.

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