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Crane, Rigging, & Crane Operator Insurance

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Crane operators are typically anyone who uses a commercial crane to transport or load anything. However, in a warehouse setting, they would be more likely to be working with forklifts and heavy duty conveyor belts. Transporting rooftop HVAC units, telecom upgrades, and other commercial needs are some common jobs that are easy to cover with insurance.

Some of the types of professionals in crane operations we insure:

  • Mobile & Tower Crane Operators

  • Boom Truck Operator

  • Service Truck Crane Operations

  • Crane Inspector & Lift Director

  • Concrete Pump Truck Operators

  • Heavy Haul Trucking Operations

  • Specialized Transportation Operations

Riggers Liability Insurance

Crane operators that are mobile will also have to consider riggers liability insurance. Riggers liability often gets confused with general liability, but actually covers the property of others in transit through policy specific cargo insurance. If your heavy equipment company transports the crane to the site, you will definitely want to make sure you have some great commercial auto coverage to backup your riggers liability.

Heavy Equipment Rising Costs Means Rising Premiums

Heavy equipment insurance costs are rising as commercial jobs get more complicated and require more specific tools to get the job done. Insurance costs rise with the cost of equipment because of the greater financial risk. If insurance is going to be a significant cost for your crane, rigging, construction, or heavy equipment company, you should have a great insurance policy.

We work with over 110 of the nation's top carriers to find the right insurance for your company, no matter what type of crane operations you have.

Some of the most common insurance coverages that we provide in the crane and construction heavy equipment industry are:

  • Inland Marine - Rigging liability is a crane operator specific liability solution that will give everyone working the job peace of mind that their goods are covered in transit.

  • General Liability - Blanket coverage specific to your operation’s scope of work. Crane insurance is specific to operations or equipment.

  • Commercial Auto - Your fleet needs comprehensive insurance if you will be carrying around expensive heavy equipment.

  • Professional Liability - Any working professional with a skill-set that could slip one day should consider E&O insurance.

  • Directors and Officers Liability - Keep the top executives happy with an insurance shield against professional risks.

  • Workers Compensation - Protect your employees with a comprehensive work comp solution that can include a professional safety plan, recommended doctors, or anything else you need for peace of mind.

  • Surety Bonds - Bid the commercial jobs that will take your company to the next level. Bonding experts in construction are available at Alliance.

  • Group Health and Payroll  - Bring your benefits administration and payroll under one roof and experience a risk management solution that is unmatchable.


Your crane and equipment, tools, and assets of your company are expensive and may need additional coverage depending on your business risks and how important those assets are to your operations. 

Another common tactic is to use an equipment floater. That type of policy is a big consideration if you move equipment from one location to another. It can cover things like fires, theft, equipment breakdown, vandalism, and other likely scenarios. 

If your business owns or leases a significant amount of equipment, it’s recommended to bump up your inland marine insurance policies that can cover things like contractor’s equipment, and especially all your types of heavy equipment. 


We have the experience to tailor your insurance policy to what you need and the markets to ensure your costs won't hinder your company's growth.

Check out our blog for more business risk information here or fill out the short form below to have an expert get in touch.


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