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Each year, new trends come out in the auto industry. These trends are caused by changing behaviors in society. If more people enroll in school this year, insurance companies will create more student driver discounts. Here are a handful of trends that are now affecting how people obtain auto insurance. READ MORE >>

Most people think of slip and fall accidents or worker's compensation claims when discussing business liability, but it covers far more than that. Business liability relates to a diverse set of legal situations and requires multiple insurance policies to cover all aspects. READ MORE >>

Commercial properties face numerous risks that could potentially cause financial devastation for the property owner or the tenants. From weather-related property damage to criminal activities, the list of things that could go wrong may seem endless. READ MORE >>

Homeowner's insurance is a great thing to have. It is based on paying back some or all of the damage or theft has done to a home, its associated structures like sheds, and the property within those structures.   It is important to note two things right away: 1. READ MORE >>

Most people drive their cars from point A to point B without thinking twice about how their car looks or what people think of their vehicle. However, as car enthusiasts, it can often be torture to not add some sort of modification to your car. READ MORE >>

If you have homeowners insurance, you may think your home is protected from any eventuality. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Specific events like floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters are not covered under most homeowners insurance policies. READ MORE >>

If you are buying a new home or have owned your home for a while, you have probably heard about how important it is to have home insurance. It is true that you should insure your home before it is too late in any situation. The average price of a new home in the year 2015 was almost $300,000, meaning that for many people, their home is their most valuable asset. READ MORE >>

The digital age makes it a perilous time to be a business owner. Every week more stories about shattered cybersecurity make the news. Between phishing, ransomware, and viruses — it seems the hackers and cybercriminals are winning. However, there are several surprising (and easy! READ MORE >>

When your business enterprise owns a property and is making plans on renting it out, there are a few procedures to doing so which are not as easy as putting up a “for rent” sign outside your yard. Your business will require having an insurance premium specific to your rental properties. READ MORE >>

When it comes to your business security, you may hit some unexpected snags or bumps along the way. To prevent these from becoming a huge problem, there are some steps that you can take to protect your business and put safeguards in place to stop problems. READ MORE >>

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