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  When you break a traffic law, the severity of the violation can land you with more than just a fine. It can wind up haunting you in the form of raised auto insurance rates for years. In this article, we discuss how common traffic violations affect your insurance rate and which ones have the most significant impact on insurance premiums. READ MORE >>

Whether you are painting hallways, putting in new flooring, or engaged in remediation after a large fire having an actively managed safety program is important for several reasons. Safety programs are necessary campaigns to keep your risks low, and your business running smoothly without unnecessary costs. READ MORE >>

It is no wonder that the underwriters for the surety companies are so stringent about the bonding programs that they allow for contractors. Now here is the main reason why we have bonding; It helps to satisfy the greatest concern of a project owner, whether a contractor will fulfill his pr... READ MORE >>

Maintaining a secure environment is essential when running a business. Being proactive in security is the best strategy as opposed to relying on the insurance safety net. Statistics show that U.S. businesses lose more than $50 billion a year due to theft. READ MORE >>

Hospitals, healthcare clinics, and doctors offices are full of some of the most sensitive, valuable information. Data breaches are part and parcel of living in the information age. While no security infrastructure can make a facility totally impervious to security threats, there are a few steps that they can take to minimize their exposure. READ MORE >>

One of the most overlooked coverages in Commercial Insurance is Business Interruption Insurance.  Business interruption insurance is a type of coverage which covers the loss of income that a business could suffer in the event of a loss or disaster. READ MORE >>

  Owning your own home can be a gratifying experience, but there are a lot of financial costs that come with this investment. In addition to the down payment you need to secure the home, your monthly mortgage payment, and ongoing maintenance costs, you also need to purchase homeowner&rsqu... READ MORE >>

If you're in an industry that produces hazardous chemicals or wastes, it is crucial to know which containers are appropriate to use and when. Using the safest practices will not only keep your facility and employees safe, but it will also keep you from violating environmental regulations. READ MORE >>

If you have a new business, there are several things that are crucial for your growth and success. Without them, you could stumble into common pitfalls and lose your best customers to the competition. Don't risk crashing and burning without the right foundation. READ MORE >>

If you are wondering if your insurance rate is any good, you are not alone. A lot of people want to be extra confident that they are getting the best deal possible. With all of the information out there today, it is possible.       READ MORE >>

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