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roofers on breakRoofing is an extremely dangerous profession full of all kinds of risks. That's why it is important to be certain that your roofing company has the coverages needed to ensure your business, your clients, your employees, and your assets are protected. Typically, a roofing company needs a number of different policies in order to achieve this. They are: 

Business Owners Policy: Commonly referred to as a BOP, a business owners policy is one line that is comprised of a variety of coverages with small business in mind. 

General Liability: This is an essential and very important coverage as it encompasses any property damage to third parties as well as bodily injury to non-employees. 

Commercial Auto: If your business has any company-owned or paid for cars, this is a key coverage to obtain. Commercial auto policies typically extend coverage to all cars, trucks, vans, specialty vehicles, and trailers that are used in your business. 

Workers Compensation: Perhaps the most important coverage for a roofing company, workers compensation protects you and your employees should they get sick or injured in a work-related incident if they aren't able to work as a result. Most often, workers compensation policies are regulated at the state level, with varying laws, and are typically dependent on the number of employees you have. 

Additional Coverages to Consider for Your Roofing Company

The above policies make up the standard insurance types needed for a roofing contractor, however, there are additional coverages to consider. A knowledgeable Risk Advisor can discuss which, if any of these policies, can be added to your insurance program to provide additional protection as either a stand-alone or part of a larger commercial package. 

Inland Marine: It might sound a bit strange, but an inland marine policy is what protects your tools and equipment as they are being transported from job site to job site. If you and your employees typically leave your tools in your vehicle or in a trailer, this coverage is key to keeping them protected. 

Tools and Equipment Floater: If your company ever purchases or rents specialized equipment for jobs, then this policy is definitely worth discussing with your Risk Advisor as it extends coverage specifically for such items. 

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