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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is required by state law for any business with employees. Let us help you find the protection your business needs.Alliance Insurance Group is currently licensed in six states and growing every day! We are able to offer our clients the best possible rates available by partnering with hundreds of the nation’s top insurance carriers. We represent most of the leading household names in the insurance industry today.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: What You Need to Know?

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is designed to protect:

  • Your business against unnecessary lawsuits
  • Your employees from workplace injury or illness suffered over the course of their employment with you
  • The financial security of both your business and employees in the event of a claim

Alliance has the experience to know what type of insurance you require and will show you how to manage and plan for potential risks. Our goal is to not only provide you with the best coverage available for your business needs, but to find you the most competitive rates.

It is a proven fact that companies that do not manage workplace safety and health concerns adequately perform worse financially than companies that do. Implementing risk management systems are a smart way to increase profitability and guarantee financial security, while at the same time, creating a safer workplace.

Alliance will provide your business the resources and materials to:

  • Conduct workplace audits to help you achieve full compliance with OSHA Federal and State safety and health regulations
  • Help you develop corrective measures that require minimal capital investment
  • Improve your workplace safety record and reduce workers’ compensation costs, absenteeism, and lost productivity
  • Show you how to avoid or mitigate a costly loss
  • Help you implement best practices across industry segments
  • Develop a "Return to Work" program and improve outcomes for injured workers
  • Implement Control/Loss prevention programs that manage costs associated with workplace interruptions and become eligible for discounts on insurance when adhering to State standards
  • Design targeted, customized safety programs
  • Reduce or eliminate costly OSHA fines
  • Implement fraud prevention programs
  • Improve employee morale as well as improve product quality-control

Let us show you how to get started. We will explain the benefits of a workers’ compensation audit and walk you through the steps you need to take. Rely on our knowledge and expertise to partner with you in setting up the right workplace environment to decrease cost and get the best rates on Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

Alliance Insurance Group team members are OSHA  and insurance specialists. Fill out the form to the right today to learn more about how we can make sure you have the proper protection your business needs.


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