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Making sure your restaurant or bar has solid liability insurance is as important as having fresh beer on tap. When you run or own a bar or restaurant there are so many things to do every single day. From hiring more wait staff to bringing in new customers, a bar or restaurant’s liability is often one of the last things on your mind! READ MORE >>

Ever wondered how to keep your home more secure? An alarm system would be excellent, but what if it fails to respond to a broken window? You could probably put a couple of PVC pipes within the frames of windows on the lower floor. You could even buy a fierce dog. READ MORE >>

Understanding the basic principles of how insurance works are key to understanding how and why bonds work the way they do. Standard insurance premiums are typically evaluated by looking at large exposures of differing risk levels and finding which exposure is more characteristic of your business. READ MORE >>

In contract bonding (mainly construction bonds) the most common term used for a broker or producer is an “agent” or “bonding agent.” When it comes to developing a bonding program for your company, the bonding agent that you choose is one of the most key decisions you will make. READ MORE >>

Hacking a vehicle sounds like a scene from a Hollywood movie. A driver loses control of their vehicle to a hacker. The hacker can control the steering, brakes, accelerator and the door locks among other operations. The first question one may have is whether it is possible to hack into a vehicle in real life. READ MORE >>

The average driver probably thinks that travel insurance is just another added expense that they could presumably do without. They imagine that the money paid on travel insurance could easily go on having more fun during their travels. READ MORE >>

Bankruptcy happens when our accumulated debt passes our ability to pay the maintenance on our debt. It’s frustrating, it’s humiliating, and it can negatively impact our finances for years to come. According to Eric Severeno, a bankruptcy can even impact your ability to buy a house. READ MORE >>

Is Your Current Benefits Broker Leaving Money on the Table? As benefits brokers, we can help your company through the complexities of healthcare open enrollment while helping your company save money through cost containment strategies and staying up to date on the latest healthcare industry changes that could affect your business. READ MORE >>

As a business owner, insurance can be a frustrating necessity. It can be expensive, the application process is often intrusive, and there can be an uncertainty that you may not have gotten the right coverage after you purchase it. It’s not a process you want to go through every year. READ MORE >>

By definition, a bond is a thing used to tie something or to fasten things together or an agreement with legal force, in particular. When applied to the insurance surety world, a bond binds one entity or person to another entity or person with financial consequences as well as a third party, the insurance company. READ MORE >>

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