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You’ve lost a loved one. Your life is changing, and you may not know what your next step is. If your loved one left behind a life insurance policy, you may have some financial support available to help you to keep paying the bills and meeting life’s needs. However, to do this, you need to file the life insurance claim. READ MORE >>

It's time to take a closer look at the type of auto insurance you have. For some people, the investment in Personal Injury Protection, most commonly known as PIP insurance, is the right option. This type of car insurance helps to cover the costs and expenses you face that are related to the injuries you suffered as a result of a covered accident. READ MORE >>

Whether you are having a party or not, when people are on your property and they fall, you could be responsible for the losses they suffer. It may not seem like it is your problem if your guests are intoxicated, but it can be. Before you plan the next event at your home, it may be time to step things up and ensure that your guests and your home is protected. READ MORE >>

Oil & Gas Industry Guide to Contractor Liability   With today’s depressed oil prices, most companies are looking to rely on consultants more heavily. Don’t get caught with open exposures with using subcontractors on a regular basis! READ MORE >>

Did you know that most health insurance plans provide comprehensive preventative care services to you and your family? One of the most common types of preventative care is the annual physical exam. Each year, you'll make your way in to see your family doctor, learn how much weight you've put ... READ MORE >>

6 Insurance Terms That General Contractors are Asking Their Subcontractors  General Contractors are always asking for specific insurance language from their subcontractors’ policies.  In order to get the bid and keep their employees working, the subcontractor contacts their agent just to get it done. READ MORE >>

As a business owner, you have to make key decisions about your company on a daily basis. You decide who to hire, what products or services to sell, which customers to work with and how to market. In many of these cases, you'll turn to experts who know your industry and business well enough to help you to decide. READ MORE >>

These basic mitigation steps will keep unnecessary and costly claims out of the picture. A burst pipe can flood your home, cause damage to your home and personal property, and cause future problems like mold and wood rot. 1. Wrap Exposed Pipes READ MORE >>

Top 6 Roofing Policy Exclusions:  When Cheaper Isn’t Always Better.   -Aaron Hennings Like all insurance policies, those specifically designated for roofing companies include industry-specific language and coverages.  Many policies are full of exclusions that are not always the first thing your agent will tell you about. READ MORE >>

 Property Owners and Managers Cyber Liability   4 Tips to Protect Yourself From Risk Cyber liability exposure is not limited to attacks on individuals, retail stores, restaurants, or government entities.  READ MORE >>

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