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General Contractor Insurance - Denver, CO

Customized Insurance Solutions

At Alliance, we take the time to understand your needs and goals. We then customize an insurance plan with several options that will give you the protection you need, whether at work, home or play. Based in Golden, CO, we are a rapidly growing independent insurance agency with more than a dozen Colorado, Arizona and Missouri locations from which to choose.

More than your typical insurance broker

We help you manage and plan for potential risks. Whether you're looking for commercial general liability, auto, homeowners, group health, specialty business insurance or anything in between, we have access to more than 110 of the best insurance partners in the country at the most competitive prices. We assist you in mitigating certain risks and select those carriers that specialize and appreciate the effort with lower premiums.

A Trusted Relationship

Exceptional service, whether it is in response to an insurance claim or a general question, is the most important value we can offer you. It matters. At Alliance, we work hard to build a trusted relationship with our clients. We strive to make you feel both comfortable with – and confident in – our abilities by acting as your Risk Advisor. We are dedicated to helping our customers get most appropriate coverage at a fair price.

What is General Liability Insurance?

A Contractor's General Liability Insurance Policy provides protection from all damages and injuries that may occur while your construction projects are in process, or even completed. It also covers your business's legal defense fees if wrongfully sued.  In general, Contractors General Liability Insurance covers you for advertisement injury, bodily injury, independent contractor liability, personal injury or, projects completed.

Contractors often bid on projects without General Liability Insurance. However, work cannot begin until you, as the contractor, have secured coverage and present a Certificate of Liability Insurance proving that your coverage is in place and fits their requirements.  A Certificate of Liability Insurance is also an excellent sales tool to be used with new and prospective clients.  With rates constantly dropping, it is not nearly as expensive as you thought it was.  Let us prove it to you…

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is required by state law for any business with employees. Let us help you find the protection your business needs. Alliance Insurance Group is currently licensed in twelve states and growing everyday! We are able to offer our clients the best possible rates available by partnering with hundreds of the nation’s top insurance carriers. We represent most of the leading household names in the insurance industry today.

Alliance Insurance Group team members are OSHA specialists. Contact us today to learn more about conducting a OSHA workplace audit to save you time and money!

What You Need to Know?

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is designed to protect:

  • Your business against unnecessary lawsuits
  • Your employees from work place injury or illness suffered over the course of their employment with you
  • The financial security of both your business and employees in the event of a claim

Alliance has the experience to know what type of insurance you require and will show you how to manage and plan for potential risks. Our goal is to not only provide you with the best coverage available for your business needs, but to find you the most competitive rates.

It is a proven fact that companies that do not manage workplace safety and health concerns adequately perform worse financially than companies that do. Implementing risk management systems are a smart way to increase profitability and guarantee financial security, while at the same time, creating a safer workplace.

Alliance will provide your business the resources and materials to:

  • Conduct workplace audits to help you achieve full compliance with OSHA Federal and State safety and health regulations
  • Help you develop corrective measures that require minimal capital investment
  • Improve your workplace safety record and reduce workers’ compensation costs, absenteeism, and lost productivity
  • Show you how to avoid or mitigate a costly loss
  • Help you implement best practices across industry segments
  • Develop a "Return to Work" program and improve outcomes for injured workers
  • Implement Control/Loss prevention programs that manage costs associated with workplace interruptions and become eligible for discounts on insurance when adhering to State standards
  • Design targeted, customized safety programs
  • Reduce or eliminate costly OSHA fines
  • Implement fraud prevention programs
  • Improve employee morale as well as improve product quality-control

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance allows you to move your business forward.  Whether you use your vehicles to provide mobility for your employees, equipment or products, you cannot operate without comprehensive commercial auto insurance. Contractors Direct Insurance understands that road conditions, weather and other drivers are out of your control. For example:

  • A sudden traffic shift causes you to lose control of your vehicle
  • Hail or vandalism damages your car
  • An uninsured driver hits your vehicle

That’s why it’s important to have business auto insurance to protect the vehicles you use for your business.


Contractor Bonds

How many times have you heard of a contractor advertising that he is Bonded and Insured?  Do you know what that means?  Most don’t, including the contractors themselves!

What does it mean to be bonded?  When a contractor states they are bonded, they are referring to a surety bond (whether they know it or not).  So you may ask, what is a Surety Bond? A surety bond is promise of performance. It guarantees that the contractor will perform accordingly.  However, you will need to find out specifically what their bond is guaranteeing.  To do so, you will have to read a copy of the bond, as it will state exactly what the bond is guaranteeing.

Bid/Performance Bonds

A performance bond is a Surety Bond issued by an insurance company or a bank to guarantee satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor.

A job requiring a payment & performance bond will usually require a bid bond, to bid the job. When the job is awarded to the winning bid, a payment and performance bond will then be required as a security to the job completion.

Get an online quote today and discover the Alliance difference!

Remember, at Alliance, we've got you covered!

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