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Key Person Insurance The vast majority of small-business owners think about and insure against the loss of its property and equipment. Yet, protection from the loss a key executive may be far more important. While you can't prevent the sudden loss of a key contributor to a business, you can minimize the impact felt by disability or death—with key person insurance.

The key questions to ask in order to assess how a business will be impacted:
  1. Who are the most valuable employees
  2. How long could my business operate without them
  3. What financial loss would my business see if they were gone indefinitely

The next step is determining the value of the key employee.  There are many ways to determine someone’s value. One of the tools we use to help with this looks at four factors and takes it a step further for business owners to also assess the buy/sell and debt protection needs.  Below are links to sample assessments to give you an idea as to what it looks to determine the value of a key employee.

Alliance Insurance Group team members are business insurance specialists. Fill out the form below today to learn more about how we can make sure you have the proper protection your business needs.

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