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Alliance Insurance Group Blog: cyber

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Professionals from all industries who have access to the personal data of their clients need to protect that sensitive data at all times. These types of situations are particularly vulnerable when a professional is traveling and using laptops or telephones via public WiFi in hotels, airports, or coffee shops. READ MORE >>

Your business depends on your IT infrastructure for its daily operation, so why take shortcuts with it? Obviously, many companies give IT too little priority as evidenced by news headlines that detail network breaches and data hacks. Other IT accidents can result in the compromise of proprietary trade data or simply the inability of your firm to do business. READ MORE >>

The digital age makes it a perilous time to be a business owner. Every week more stories about shattered cybersecurity make the news. Between phishing, ransomware, and viruses — it seems the hackers and cybercriminals are winning. However, there are several surprising (and easy! READ MORE >>

When it comes to your business security, you may hit some unexpected snags or bumps along the way. To prevent these from becoming a huge problem, there are some steps that you can take to protect your business and put safeguards in place to stop problems. READ MORE >>

It seems every day we hear about yet another breach of security on the news. These issues only get progressively worse as time passes. According to Michael Skinner, “federal, state, and local law enforcement have recently dramatically increased investigation efforts into a wide variety of high-tech crimes, including various internet and cyber crimes. READ MORE >>

Hacking a vehicle sounds like a scene from a Hollywood movie. A driver loses control of their vehicle to a hacker. The hacker can control the steering, brakes, accelerator and the door locks among other operations. The first question one may have is whether it is possible to hack into a vehicle in real life. READ MORE >>

You don’t have to go far to hear about hacker attacks on high-profile companies and organizations. Any news source you look to for information whether it’s the TV, internet or print has a headline with the buzz word cyber. What does “cyber” mean? READ MORE >>

Insurance is a necessity in today’s business. It can solve problems for a fraction of their real cost and gives business rather formidable flexibility when it comes to customer service, manufacturing, shipping, and simple mistakes. READ MORE >>

The year 2017 is shaping up to be very challenging in terms of information security, particularly at the enterprise level. To this effect, corporate information officers are evaluating the current situation in an effort to determine the steps that should be taken for the purpose of protecting business networks in the near future. READ MORE >>

Digital security is always a big deal for businesses. And as seen with the recent example of the Google Doc phishing scheme, malicious viruses and attackers are getting more and more sophisticated. Even with seemingly non-stop reports of hacking and lost data, the options for a small busi... READ MORE >>

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