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Alliance Insurance Group Blog: health and benefits

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Many people prefer to age in place these days, and if you are attempting to support a loved one from afar, it’s especially challenging. Your mom or dad may be too many miles away for you to drop in for a check, but thankfully, technology is coming to the rescue. READ MORE >>

Is Your Current Benefits Broker Leaving Money on the Table? As benefits brokers, we can help your company through the complexities of healthcare open enrollment while helping your company save money through cost containment strategies and staying up to date on the latest healthcare industry changes that could affect your business. READ MORE >>

Not all medical procedures are considered to be essential and covered by insurance. Plastic surgery is designed to fix physical deformities caused by injury or illness. Cosmetic surgery is designed solely to improve physical imperfections; as a result, you may not be covered for procedures like liposuction or rhinoplasty. READ MORE >>

Many people see health insurance as a tool to help them to get well after becoming sick or being hurt. It does provide for that type of protection. However, these policies go one step further. Many times, they can help you to prevent illness and injury through a wide range of policy features and options. READ MORE >>

The Social Security Administration reports that nine out of 10 individuals age 65 and older receive benefits. This presents the question, should you begin collecting Social Security benefits as soon as you are eligible? READ MORE >>

You’ve lost a loved one. Your life is changing, and you may not know what your next step is. If your loved one left behind a life insurance policy, you may have some financial support available to help you to keep paying the bills and meeting life’s needs. However, to do this, you need to file the life insurance claim. READ MORE >>

Did you know that most health insurance plans provide comprehensive preventative care services to you and your family? One of the most common types of preventative care is the annual physical exam. Each year, you'll see your family doctor, learn how much weight you've put on, get told you need to drop a few pounds and learn about any other ominous signs you may have. READ MORE >>

Life insurance provides a wide range of benefits for individuals throughout their lifetime. When you are younger, it’s an incredibly valuable investment because it helps ensure your loved ones have the financial means to live the lifestyle they are used to even if you are no longer there to help them. READ MORE >>

Whether you are looking for health insurance for yourself or your company, one thing to think about is what extra services these plans now offer. Many health plans go beyond the basics of providing you with care for illness or doctor's visits. READ MORE >>

According to the CDC, more than one-third of adults in the United States are obese. In addition, approximately 17 percent of children ages two to 19 years old are obese. This continues to be a major issue in America. Obesity can contribute to numerous health problems, including (but not limited to): READ MORE >>

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