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Alliance Insurance Group Blog: life insurance

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Life insurance is a critical part of any family's financials. The amount of money that life insurance often deals with makes it a magnet for scams. Millions of Americans are targeted by these scams every year, and they can result in a person losing their entire life savings or their insurance policy. READ MORE >>

You’ve lost a loved one. Your life is changing, and you may not know what your next step is. If your loved one left behind a life insurance policy, you may have some financial support available to help you to keep paying the bills and meeting life’s needs. However, to do this, you need to file the life insurance claim. READ MORE >>

Life insurance provides a wide range of benefits for individuals throughout their lifetime. When you are younger, it’s an incredibly valuable investment because it helps ensure your loved ones have the financial means to live the lifestyle they are used to even if you are no longer there to help them. READ MORE >>

If you’ve applied for a mortgage, then you remember all the information you needed to provide to the lender in order to determine your interest rate, which was partially based on your financial responsibility. That was an underwriting process. READ MORE >>

Too many individuals do not have life insurance. The truth is that most people assume that life insurance is too expensive and feel they cannot afford it. However, life insurance is a relatively small expense compared to its benefits. Have you given any thought to what would happen to your family if you were no longer around to support them? READ MORE >>

Any individual with a spouse and children knows that life insurance is an important consideration. But what about young individuals? There isn’t a blanket statement to answer that question, as many variables affect one’s insurance necessities.   Let’s take a look at few scenarios: READ MORE >>

Life insurance is designed to pay benefits to dependents when the policyholder passes away. Depending on your needs, you may choose either term life insurance or whole life insurance. What’s the difference between the two policies? Whole Life Insurance READ MORE >>

Day-to-day business operations are often guided by several key employees. Their knowledge and skills contribute to efficiency, morale and most importantly, income. If a key employee falls ill, becomes disabled or dies, your business’ profits can suffer without their continued guidance. READ MORE >>

The key benefits of life insurance lie in the ultimate objective of achieving financial security for oneself and one’s dependents, even in the face of debilitating illnesses, accidents and death of the chief income earner in a family. READ MORE >>

Many teenagers and young adults live in the moment and do not see the value in purchasing life insurance early on. I was one of these teenagers. My parents bought me a life insurance policy when I was 16 and now, many years later, I realize that what they truly gave me was security and financial stability. READ MORE >>

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