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Alliance Insurance Group Blog: payroll and hr

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Whether a business chooses to outsource or handle payroll internally, successful HR departments have a firm hold on their payroll calculations, filings, and deposits. This process is simply a matter of withholding taxes based on IRS or state jurisdiction tables and getting that money and the corresponding report in on time. READ MORE >>

Having proper business insurance is essential to smoothly running a company. However, just because you have insurance doesn't mean that you want to have a ton of claims pile up on your record. By making sure the odds of an incident are low, you can help keep premiums affordable and minimize the risk of employee injury. READ MORE >>

Despite everyone’s best intentions, the reality of being an employer is that eventually, the need to discharge an employee will arise.  When confronted with this reality, far too many employers get unnecessarily tripped up both in how to go about preparing for an employee termination and implementing the action. READ MORE >>

As of last week, another United States Circuit Court has called into question the Expert Witness testimony offered by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that led the Commission to issue Guidelines restricting reliance on Background Check Investigation information. READ MORE >>

We have consistently highlighted the importance of having a well-crafted and culturally appropriate employee handbook in place. It not only advises employees of the company’s rules, policies, and expectations but also protects the business against the risk of employee lawsuits and similar complaints and claims. READ MORE >>

At what amounts do you stop withholding FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) tax for the employees at your restaurant?  Are your servers and bartenders meeting the correct minimum wage requirements for tipped employees?  Are you required to pay FICA tax on cash and charged tips? READ MORE >>

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