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Alliance Insurance Group Blog: small business

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Professionals from all industries who have access to the personal data of their clients need to protect that sensitive data at all times. These types of situations are particularly vulnerable when a professional is traveling and using laptops or telephones via public WiFi in hotels, airports, or coffee shops. READ MORE >>

Your business depends on your IT infrastructure for its daily operation, so why take shortcuts with it? Obviously, many companies give IT too little priority as evidenced by news headlines that detail network breaches and data hacks. Other IT accidents can result in the compromise of proprietary trade data or simply the inability of your firm to do business. READ MORE >>

Maintaining a secure environment is essential when running a business. Being proactive in security is the best strategy as opposed to relying on the insurance safety net. Statistics show that U.S. businesses lose more than $50 billion a year due to theft. READ MORE >>

If you have a new business, there are several things that are crucial for your growth and success. Without them, you could stumble into common pitfalls and lose your best customers to the competition. Don't risk crashing and burning without the right foundation. READ MORE >>

Even the best, most promising business ideas include some level of risk. No matter what business you're in, consumer tastes and needs change, invoices are paid late, suppliers run low or raise prices, and regulatory bodies step in. You may not be able to control these risks, but you can understand them and learn the best ways to mitigate them. READ MORE >>

Most people think of slip and fall accidents or worker's compensation claims when discussing business liability, but it covers far more than that. Business liability relates to a diverse set of legal situations and requires multiple insurance policies to cover all aspects. READ MORE >>

As a business owner, you have a variety of things taking up your attention on a daily basis. You have to wear many hats, and that means spending a lot of time and money on things that aren't your strong suits. However, this can inhibit your growth over time.     READ MORE >>

Making sure your restaurant or bar has solid liability insurance is as important as having fresh beer on tap. When you run or own a bar or restaurant there are so many things to do every single day. From hiring more wait staff to bringing in new customers, a bar or restaurant’s liability is often one of the last things on your mind! READ MORE >>

Hacking a vehicle sounds like a scene from a Hollywood movie. A driver loses control of their vehicle to a hacker. The hacker can control the steering, brakes, accelerator and the door locks among other operations. The first question one may have is whether it is possible to hack into a vehicle in real life. READ MORE >>

You don’t have to go far to hear about hacker attacks on high-profile companies and organizations. Any news source you look to for information whether it’s the TV, internet or print has a headline with the buzz word cyber. What does “cyber” mean? READ MORE >>

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