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Alliance Insurance Group Blog: car and auto

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Car accidents are a pain, there’s a lot to keep in mind when they happen and sometimes even the most prepared person can overlook something. Most people misinterpret their auto insurance policies at least a little. They believe, in some cases understandably, that once their car is "covered" everything will be fine in the event of an accident. READ MORE >>

Generally, when people buy a new car, they either trade in their old car or sell it. In some cases, however, your old car may be in such poor condition that you can no longer even do that. While we already discussed how to best dispose of hazardous chemicals, you may be interested in learning more about your options for disposing of your car. READ MORE >>

  When you break a traffic law, the severity of the violation can land you with more than just a fine. It can wind up haunting you in the form of raised auto insurance rates for years. In this article, we discuss how common traffic violations affect your insurance rate and which ones have the most significant impact on insurance premiums. READ MORE >>

Each year, new trends come out in the auto industry. These trends are caused by changing behaviors in society. If more people enroll in school this year, insurance companies will create more student driver discounts. Here are a handful of trends that are now affecting how people obtain auto insurance. READ MORE >>

Most people drive their cars from point A to point B without thinking twice about how their car looks or what people think of their vehicle. However, as car enthusiasts, it can often be torture to not add some sort of modification to your car. READ MORE >>

In this article, we will cover some tips to manage a car accident in the event you find yourself unprepared. Although the process of every accident can vary drastically depending on its severity, you should always be aware of the processes of the parties involved in order to avoid making the situation worse. READ MORE >>

With insurance rates increasing every year, we’re all looking for ways to keep our monthly payments down. Many believe that little fender benders will increase their rates while a comprehensive claim like hitting a deer won’t make a difference. Keep reading to get the facts. READ MORE >>

  If you are a truck owner, you might have already noticed that ownership of a pickup truck can be a lot more expensive than the purchase of a car. Not only do you have to worry about paying for more gas, but you also have to worry about things like higher insurance costs. READ MORE >>

We often hear it said that people are insurance-poor, meaning a lot of their paychecks goes towards insurance bills. With auto insurance now being required in the states, a lot of the focus is on auto insurance and the high premiums. Learn what affects auto insurance rates and reasons why it may be so expensive. READ MORE >>

Every business is faced with risks that could destroy it from the inside out. Insurance companies work to protect the value of everything you own in a home or business. Damages caused by a fire, theft or natural disaster are covered by insurance. Apply for the amount of coverage you need to rebuild a home or business. READ MORE >>

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