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Alliance Insurance Group Blog: claims

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Most storage facilities are kept safe from thieves and trespassers. The use of security cameras, gated facilities, and other precautions are taken to provide that safety. Some businesses are located in flood zones or have unreliable employees working there, so customers are encouraged to ensure their belongings. READ MORE >>

In this article, we will cover some tips to manage a car accident in the event you find yourself unprepared. Although the process of every accident can vary drastically depending on its severity, you should always be aware of the processes of the parties involved in order to avoid making the situation worse. READ MORE >>

With insurance rates increasing every year, we’re all looking for ways to keep our monthly payments down. Many believe that little fender benders will increase their rates while a comprehensive claim like hitting a deer won’t make a difference. Keep reading to get the facts. READ MORE >>

What does a chiropractor do? A chiropractor helps correct any muscular or skeletal ailments through hands-on manipulation. These injuries may result from an accident, daily life activities, or congenital disabilities. Many people choose to visit a chiropractor as an alternative to surgery or medication. READ MORE >>

Homeowner's insurance is a necessary measure to have in place for those who have chosen to purchase their home. In the case of emergency, having an insurance in place will prove to be a valuable asset, just like as car or health insurance are necessary assets to your everyday preparedness. READ MORE >>

Every business is faced with risks that could destroy it from the inside out. Insurance companies work to protect the value of everything you own in a home or business. Damages caused by a fire, theft or natural disaster are covered by insurance. Apply for the amount of coverage you need to rebuild a home or business. READ MORE >>

Let's say you're driving your car and you hit another vehicle, a tree, or another object that just happens to get in your way. Hopefully, none of those things will ever happen to you, but you should be prepared nonetheless. That's where collision insurance comes in. READ MORE >>

The Fourth of July is coming up again, which can be particularly stressful for insurance companies as claims can skyrocket (see what we did there?). As such, we’ve compiled some tips to help you steer clear of the more dangerous activities common to the holiday. Sparklers READ MORE >>

If you have been in an unfortunate accident at work that causes you injury it is important to know that you have the right to file a Worker’s Compensation claim. This is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment. READ MORE >>

Claim Instructions and Reputable Local Companies to Consider The big May hailstorm wreaked havoc on a large amount of property in Colorado. If you're like many of our employees here at Alliance, you might have sustained a good deal of damage to your car, home, and other property.  READ MORE >>

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