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Alliance Insurance Group Blog: saving money

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Car accidents are a pain, there’s a lot to keep in mind when they happen and sometimes even the most prepared person can overlook something. Most people misinterpret their auto insurance policies at least a little. They believe, in some cases understandably, that once their car is "covered" everything will be fine in the event of an accident. READ MORE >>

Generally, when people buy a new car, they either trade in their old car or sell it. In some cases, however, your old car may be in such poor condition that you can no longer even do that. While we already discussed how to best dispose of hazardous chemicals, you may be interested in learning more about your options for disposing of your car. READ MORE >>

  When you break a traffic law, the severity of the violation can land you with more than just a fine. It can wind up haunting you in the form of raised auto insurance rates for years. In this article, we discuss how common traffic violations affect your insurance rate and which ones have the most significant impact on insurance premiums. READ MORE >>

If you are wondering if your insurance rate is any good, you are not alone. A lot of people want to be extra confident that they are getting the best deal possible. With all of the information out there today, it is possible.       READ MORE >>

As a business owner, you have a variety of things taking up your attention on a daily basis. You have to wear many hats, and that means spending a lot of time and money on things that aren't your strong suits. However, this can inhibit your growth over time.     READ MORE >>

  If you are a truck owner, you might have already noticed that ownership of a pickup truck can be a lot more expensive than the purchase of a car. Not only do you have to worry about paying for more gas, but you also have to worry about things like higher insurance costs. READ MORE >>

We often hear it said that people are insurance-poor, meaning a lot of their paychecks goes towards insurance bills. With auto insurance now being required in the states, a lot of the focus is on auto insurance and the high premiums. Learn what affects auto insurance rates and reasons why it may be so expensive. READ MORE >>

In contract bonding (mainly construction bonds) the most common term used for a broker or producer is an “agent” or “bonding agent.” When it comes to developing a bonding program for your company, the bonding agent that you choose is one of the most key decisions you will make. READ MORE >>

Bankruptcy happens when our accumulated debt passes our ability to pay the maintenance on our debt. It’s frustrating, it’s humiliating, and it can negatively impact our finances for years to come. According to Eric Severeno, a bankruptcy can even impact your ability to buy a house. READ MORE >>

Is Your Current Benefits Broker Leaving Money on the Table? As benefits brokers, we can help your company through the complexities of healthcare open enrollment while helping your company save money through cost containment strategies and staying up to date on the latest healthcare industry changes that could affect your business. READ MORE >>

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