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Worker with eye injuryEvery workplace contains hazards (albeit sometimes hidden hazards), even a calm, quiet corporate office. In 1970, Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) in order to protect workers in every industry. This act requires employers to adhere to specified safety standards, thereby providing a safer workplace with fewer risks. Employers are encouraged to provide safety training during a new hire’s orientation (and quarterly refresher courses for all staff) to promote employee wellness and safety.

Learning about safety procedures may sound like it only applies to heavy labor and similar types of jobs, but desk jobs pose their own health risks as well.

Follow these tips to maintain your everyday wellness in an office environment:

  • Position your monitor at eye-level, directly in front of you to avoid neck strain
  • Sit upright in a relaxed, comfortable position
  • Use wrist pads to support wrists and hands over a sharp desk edge
  • Avoid propping your telephone between your ear and shoulder to avoid neck strain
  • Sit in a cushioned chair with supportive armrests and lumbar support
  • Footrests and backrests can be used to enhance posture and comfort
  • Stand up and stretch or take a short walk once every hour to reduce strain and tension

A large portion of on-the-job accidents occurs because of careless behavior. The following safety rules, along with any rules specific to your employer, can assist in reducing risks and preventing accidents in any type of work environment:

  • Always walk—never run, skip or jump
  • Always wear protective clothing and equipment when performing a hazardous task
  • Take extra precaution when near flammable materials
  • Study potential hazards before handling products, equipment or machinery
  • Be aware of loose or dangling clothing and hair near machinery
  • Do not use machinery that you are not trained on
  • Keep your workspace clean and tidy to avoid trips and falls
  • Smoke only in designated outdoor areas and thoroughly extinguish tobacco products when finished
  • Ensure that ladders are stable and locked before use—never use a chair or other object
  • Learn emergency first aid procedures and fire escape routes
  • Adhere to all cautionary signs
  • Inform your supervisor if you believe a task is unsafe

Accidents can happen at any time, even in the safest workplaces. If you are injured on the job, immediately alert your supervisor and follow all employer-instated safety and first aid procedures. Neglecting to report an injury can impede a worker’s compensation claim.

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