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Alliance Insurance Group Blog: car and auto

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Let's say you're driving your car and you hit another vehicle, a tree, or another object that just happens to get in your way. Hopefully, none of those things will ever happen to you, but you should be prepared nonetheless. That's where collision insurance comes in. READ MORE >>

The Fourth of July is coming up again, which can be particularly stressful for insurance companies as claims can skyrocket (see what we did there?). As such, we’ve compiled some tips to help you steer clear of the more dangerous activities common to the holiday. Sparklers READ MORE >>

Car accidents happen every day, resulting in injuries that vary from small wrist strains to multiple broken limbs and paralysis. Pain and discomfort lasting more than 6 months require the assistance of a chiropractor. This doctor treats long-term injuries using a variety of techniques and medications. READ MORE >>

It's time to take a closer look at the type of auto insurance you have. For some people, the investment in Personal Injury Protection, most commonly known as PIP insurance, is the right option. This type of car insurance helps to cover the costs and expenses you face that are related to the injuries you suffered as a result of a covered accident. READ MORE >>

As people pack up their car and head out to see family for the holidays, many will be traveling in unfamiliar territory. Some traveling in different parts of the country might run into big white flakes falling from the sky. If you're not used to driving in snow, don't panic. READ MORE >>

Car Insurance is a vital component to owning a vehicle. Without the proper coverage, you run the risk of dishing out a lot of money should you be involved in an accident. The costs of a car accident can exceed several thousands of dollars, even when the damage is only cosmetic. READ MORE >>

Removing snow and ice from your car is difficult work and takes time to do. Sometimes motorists cut corners by not removing snow from the hood and tops of their cars. The side windows, rear window, and side mirrors often get neglected as well. READ MORE >>

Hailstorms frequently arrive in concert with thunderstorms, and due to the increase in population and urbanization in many areas of the country, there has been a rapid increase in the number of hailstorms which cause millions of dollars (even hundreds of millions) in damages. READ MORE >>

Whether they are actually more frequent than in the past or not, we are certainly more aware these days--thanks to television and social media--of the violent storms that hit many parts of America in the form of hurricanes, tornadoes, torrential rain and blizzards. READ MORE >>

Has this happened to you? You're driving along and without warning, the smallest stone gets kicked up from the car in front of you and before you know it, you have a chip out of your windshield. Sometimes you aren't even aware there was damage to your vehicle until you try to clean something off your window and realize it's not something on the windshield, but a crack in the glass. READ MORE >>

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