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Alliance Insurance Group Blog: business insurance

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As a manager, director or officer of an organization, you’ve seen headlines in the news citing civil or criminal legal actions being brought for alleged wrongful acts. Such events have serious financial and reputational consequences for both the individual and the company. READ MORE >>

The construction of a building carries a number of risks to all parties involved including developers, building owners, contractors, and construction managers. Each of these parties will want to be covered by insurance policies in order to avoid having to pay for damage or injury claims out-of-pocket. READ MORE >>

Insurance is a necessity in today’s business. It can solve problems for a fraction of their real cost and gives business rather formidable flexibility when it comes to customer service, manufacturing, shipping, and simple mistakes. READ MORE >>

The year 2017 is shaping up to be very challenging in terms of information security, particularly at the enterprise level. To this effect, corporate information officers are evaluating the current situation in an effort to determine the steps that should be taken for the purpose of protecting business networks in the near future. READ MORE >>

Claim Instructions and Reputable Local Companies to Consider The big May hailstorm wreaked havoc on a large amount of property in Colorado. If you're like many of our employees here at Alliance, you might have sustained a good deal of damage to your car, home, and other property.  READ MORE >>

Digital security is always a big deal for businesses. And as seen with the recent example of the Google Doc phishing scheme, malicious viruses and attackers are getting more and more sophisticated. Even with seemingly non-stop reports of hacking and lost data, the options for a small busi... READ MORE >>

Businesses have a lot of responsibilities. Running a business means you must provide customers with an excellent product, pay employees on time and pay off your debts. However, there are other responsibilities you may not think of as often that are also very important. READ MORE >>

Workers compensation coverage for a business owner can be a serious and painful bill to pay every month. Let’s play out a scenario as a small business owner that has started their business with a great idea or a business model they think they can grow into a significant revenue-producing opportunity. READ MORE >>

Beads of sweat begin to form on the brow of an underwriter immediately after spotting saltwater disposal, injection wells or treatment facilities on an application. These are some of the most uncomfortable risks in the energy sector to insure today. READ MORE >>

Stop what you’re doing and think about how much equipment your business owns and relies on every day. You’re reading this on a computer, smartphone or tablet, of which you have many to support business operations. You probably have a break room that houses a fridge, microwave, and coffee maker. READ MORE >>

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