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Alliance Insurance Group Blog: business insurance

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In the third of our series of blogs on bar and tavern insurance, we now discuss property coverage.  This is just what you’d think, coverage for all things property related.  It can cover everything from the building itself to inventory and furnishings. READ MORE >>

In our series on the major components of bar and tavern insurance, we now discuss the second, liquor liability coverage. General liability insurance always excludes coverage for liquor-related claims. Many bar owners don’t think that their bartenders would over-serve a customer, but it happens. READ MORE >>

There are five major components of bar and tavern insurance.  The first one is General Liability. Often referred to as “slip and fall” insurance, general liability coverage protects the business from suits that result from someone being injured on their property. READ MORE >>

All businesses across all industries can benefit from commercial property, liability and workers compensation insurance. But the additional coverage required to maintain a comprehensive business insurance portfolio varies from industry to industry. Why? READ MORE >>

Is your current agent a true consultant or just another agent? Most agents revolve around the policy itself, and their behavior proves this. The agent generally calls you at renewal and works with you on completing applications and marketing your insurance, then you probably won’t hear from him until next year’s renewal. READ MORE >>

You could be liable for your customers’ actions, even after they leave Image Credit: Bem Devassa A business's general liability policy covers the establishment against on-site incidents that can result in liabilities and lawsuits.  That is the same for nearly any business. READ MORE >>

Erecting a building is a highly detailed project that can take months to accomplish, all the while exposing the unfinished structure to the risk of damage due to inclement weather and other forces of nature. Each year, property losses caused by fire, storms, and other weather events cost tens of billions of dollars in necessary repairs. READ MORE >>

Every workplace contains hazards (albeit sometimes hidden hazards), even a calm, quiet corporate office. In 1970, Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) in order to protect workers in every industry. This act requires employers to adhere to specified safety standards, thereby providing a safer workplace with fewer risks. READ MORE >>

Insuring your home-based business is just as important as a corporation securing their insurance policies. Starting your own business takes motivation, determination, and capital. You must decide how you’ll purchase supplies, market your products, handle inventory and more—but many entrepreneurs overlook insurance. READ MORE >>

Times are hard out there, and businesses are doing everything they can to cut costs and stay afloat. However, too many business owners are giving in to temptation and canceling their business insurance, leaving them dangerously exposed to litigation, loss, and damage. READ MORE >>

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