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Alliance Insurance Group Blog: business insurance

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It has often been assumed that, with the constant, exponential growth of the world’s population and increasing modernization and industrialization of highly populous countries such as China, demand for oil and petroleum products would continue to rise, along with their price.  READ MORE >>

As we noted in our previous blog, lightning can cause immense damage, and according to reports from Lloyds and the Insurance Information Institute, losses due to lightning damage are increasing (up 15% from 2009 to 2010).  The National Lightning Safety Institute reported in 2009 that damage and losses from lightning exceed $5 billion. READ MORE >>

A lightning storm is one of the most awe-inspiring phenomena in nature, and also one of the most dangerous.  According to data gathered by various meteorological organizations, there are 25 to 40 million cloud-to-ground lightning flashes in the U.S. alone every year, and probably 138 million strikes annually worldwide. READ MORE >>

Companies who use commercial vehicles in their business must not only have adequate insurance to cover potential accidents, but they should also have a safety program that (a) addresses driver behavior and prevents accidents in every way possible, and (b) provides documentation of training and safety measures taken in order to defend the company if an accident does occur. READ MORE >>

When people put gasoline in their cars, few of them think about everything that was involved in bringing that product to the pump.  Here are the basics of petroleum production: There are two main sectors in the oil industry, which are upstream and downstream.  Downstream activities entail the commercial aspect, e. READ MORE >>

Have you given much thought to all the different types of insurance that are essential for every event which may occur in one’s life or business? Here, in a nutshell, are the most important risks and situations that individuals and businesses really should have insurance coverage for: READ MORE >>

Accidents can happen anywhere, including at home and in the workplace.  You can slip, fall, run into objects or be struck by them, end up with strains and sprains from lifting or moving something too heavy, or suffer serious injury and even death from exposure to power sources or accidents with machinery. READ MORE >>

Safety and the protection of workers’ health during industrial activities are of paramount concern, and there are certain risks in the construction industry that may not be obvious. One such risk is crystalline silica exposure. READ MORE >>

In the last of our series of five blogs on bar and tavern insurance, we discuss business interruption, or business income, coverage. Business income coverage pays you money while you are unable to be open and making money. Picture this: you’ve had a small fire in the kitchen, and while the repairs are being carried out, you can’t be open for business. READ MORE >>

The fourth blog in our series on bar and tavern insurance discusses workers compensation. If you have employees, you must have workers compensation insurance. Bars have many things that can injure employees. How many wine glasses get broken while they are being polished? READ MORE >>

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