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Alliance Insurance Group Blog: business insurance

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Utilities and industrial facilities have been faced with grounding issues for years. And mainly this is due to not taking the proper steps to implement proper grounding in the first place. Why? Because they do not test at all and/or use inadequate testing methods. READ MORE >>

Independent contractors will be scrutinized even more, by both state and federal regulatory bodies. In a December 2014 Wall Street Journal article, the Department of Labor’s (DOL) chief enforcer identified misclassification of independent contractors as one of its biggest enforcement issues. READ MORE >>

The number of people who make a living or who supplement their income from their homes is increasing. Freelancing, childcare, music lessons and consulting are just a few of the ways many people are working out of their homes. READ MORE >>

If you are in a business as a partner or co-owner, you have probably spent a great deal of time creating financial value in your company.  One question that gets overlooked is, “What happens to the business if something happens to me or my business partner? READ MORE >>

At what amounts do you stop withholding FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) tax for the employees at your restaurant?  Are your servers and bartenders meeting the correct minimum wage requirements for tipped employees?  Are you required to pay FICA tax on cash and charged tips? READ MORE >>

Liquor liability is not just a question of having adequate insurance coverage; it is also essential that managers and staff receive proper training in effective methods of preventing liquor liability.  Not only bar and tavern owners, but also restaurant operators, have a responsibility to en... READ MORE >>

In her illuminating paper entitled, Lightning: It’s All About the Bolt, the author (known as “The Lightning Diva @ Large” of Lightning Eliminators & Consultants Inc.) reveals just how costly lightning strikes can be for businesses and industries. READ MORE >>

Today it seems so simple:  If you are hurt at work, your employer pays for insurance to cover all your injuries and lost wages.  Just like many things in our country, it didn’t use to be like that. We used to have a Common Law system.  It was really geared to protect the business owners. READ MORE >>

Business owners are always trying to contain costs for their business.  They do the right thing and provide Workers Compensation insurance for their employees because accidents happen.  And what does the insurance company do when the business uses the insurance that they pay for? READ MORE >>

Depending on where you live, your small business may be subject to a variety of natural disasters. These events can come without warning and leave devastation in their wake. On the news, you often see pictures of homes that were destroyed. But after an earthquake, tornado, flood or blizzard, small businesses often have significant damage too. READ MORE >>

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