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In many businesses, your employees are some of your greatest assets. Many businesses struggle with employee retention, however. Keeping your employees happy is key to running a successful business because hiring and training can be expensive. READ MORE >>

Many policies a contractor or service provider purchase contain liability deductibles.  Often the  insurance carrier will put these on for a couple reasons.  1. Ensures the contractor has some financial interest in preventing claims.  2. Protects the insurance carrier from a series of small claims. READ MORE >>

In this blog post, we'll provide a quick rundown of what general liability insurance for contractors is, what it covers, and why it can benefit you. Ready to learn more? Great, let's get started!   What Is General Liability Insurance for Contractors? READ MORE >>

Computers were once stand-alone products like stereos or television sets. They were limited in function: You turned them off when you were done doing work-related tasks or playing games with simplistic neon graphics. Activities such as shopping took place in the real world. No one could have imagined otherwise. READ MORE >>

Christmas and the holidays are coming and it is a magical time of the year. The colors, decorations, and music all culminate in a feeling of joy for many people.   If you're a business owner who loves the holiday season and you want to spread the festive spirit, there are a few ways for you to accomplish this task in a safe work environment. READ MORE >>

When you hear the term "hacker," you probably think of a devious person who is involved in trying to steal information from companies and individuals via the internet. In many cases, this type of person does exist. However, there is another side to hacking and cyber-security that is actually positive. READ MORE >>

More people are starting their own business from home, and many are incredibly successful. With the help of virtual technology, a home-operated business can be as efficient as one located in a downtown office building. The following tips can help you to optimize the home business experience for clients and customers in establishing a professional image and reputation. READ MORE >>

Insurance is a necessity in practically every state based on legislation that set the scope of that protection. Chief among insurance requirements is liability insurance, but some states also require drivers to maintain Medpay or personal injury protection coverage as a standard part of their auto policy. READ MORE >>

Everyone has problems and personal struggles. As an insurance agency, we know just how costly and devastating many of these issues can be. Keeping your employees healthy and happy is a huge issue, especially in our modern age. Many adults are undergoing mental or emotional struggles that they may be hesitant to talk about. READ MORE >>

When starting a small business, you may opt to save money by doing almost everything yourself. While this may be a good idea in the beginning, as you start to have success and bring in revenue, you will need employees to keep up with demand. You may want to hire an office assistant. READ MORE >>

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