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Despite all the advances in green energy, oil and gas still make the world go round. In fact, global demand for oil is nearly 100 million barrels per day. With such a high demand for oil and gas, there are naturally many jobs available in this industry. However, the professional opportunities are accompanied by significant risk. READ MORE >>

Every employer wants to make sure that the people they have on their team are performing at the optimum capability. When the employees get unwell, it is your responsibility to pay for their medical and pharmacy costs, which is probably why you keep tabs on exactly how much the health of each employee is costing you. READ MORE >>

As more and more people make the jump from a corporate office setting to one of a home-based business, it is important to understand the risks to data security in this working situation. Here are four tips all designed to keep your home business safe: Complex Passwords READ MORE >>

Auto dealerships are a unique business to run due to their expensive inventory. Cars must be protected during the day, but the danger of burglary can increase at night. Here are three steps that should be taken to protect the dealership.   Hire A Security Company READ MORE >>

While starting any new business always entails some element of risk, there are plenty of ways that both current and future restaurant owners may be able to protect themselves better. From amassing the finances needed to cover operational costs until a restaurant is ready to start turning a prof... READ MORE >>

One of the largest blind spots that I see on a regular basis when it comes to the insurance world is workers’ compensation coverage and audits. Not managing these policies correctly can be very painful for a business owner or organization. READ MORE >>

Property Management Liability Insurance A property management company has an insurance policy to cover their operations. It will cover your company for any number of liability claims such as slip and falls, an employee stealing money or a discrimination case. READ MORE >>

In today’s competitive environment, it is hard to attract, develop and retain great talent. If you want your business to grow, you must have a solid hiring process to help you attract and retain the best employees. Moreover, your hiring policy must comply with the state and federal rules and regulations, which will protect your company legally. READ MORE >>

Your office may not be quite as safe as you think. There are a lot of hazards in the workplace which many people don't think of at first glance. Most of us think of offices as a fairly safe work site in comparison to something like a construction yard or a factory. However, every day people fall prey to office safety hazards. READ MORE >>

You’ll frequently hear about cyber attacks on major Fortune 1000 companies, the latest being the Wannacry hack. The story tells of millions of customers’ data that was compromised. It’s bad for the companies’ reputation and customers are upset that their personal data has been compromised. READ MORE >>

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