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Many trucking companies experience the annual dance with their insurance agent.  The owner hasn’t heard from his agent all year, then he calls a few weeks before the renewal date asks if anything has changed.  The answer is generally no. READ MORE >>

You’ve crafted your business plan, insured your commercial vehicles and storefront, and planned your advertising campaigns. You need to address the curb appeal of your business to draw in the customers you need. It does not require expensive fixes or renovations. READ MORE >>

Your business is constantly in a flux of change. It is either moving forward or backward. Companies who try to implement big changes every few years usually find that they are moving backward. Meanwhile, many very successful businesses are making small changes every day. READ MORE >>

Contractor liability insurance is important for any contractor. That's because contractors usually are required to be otherwise fully accountable for accidents that occur in the line of business.   In the construction industry, it's even more important to have contractor insurance because of the nature of the business. READ MORE >>

As a common carrier, you are responsible for the load no matter what happens to it. But there’s a lot of other risks you may not be aware of.   Generally, there are five major types of risk that affect trucking businesses. READ MORE >>

How do you build a Safety First environment into your organization? Start off by addressing one of the biggest exposures of any company, the people driving your company cars and trucks. Accidents can happen even with the most safety-oriented companies so it's better to be prepared with a great business auto policy. READ MORE >>

Keeping monthly expenses low is a priority for many homeowners. From utilities to the cost of homeowner’s insurance, the less you pay, the more money you have for the things you love to do. There are many ways to save money on your premiums without reducing your coverage options; howev... READ MORE >>

Building a home or a commercial property is a huge investment, in both time and money. This process can take months to complete, during which the project is exposed to the elements and other sources of damage. But what could possibly happen to the worksite?   Covers the most common project liabilities READ MORE >>

Professionals from all industries who have access to the personal data of their clients need to protect that sensitive data at all times. These types of situations are particularly vulnerable when a professional is traveling and using laptops or telephones via public WiFi in hotels, airports, or coffee shops. READ MORE >>

Most business owners will agree that keeping their business secure is a top priority. Burglars not only steal products, but they can also usually damage property. A combination of physical and cyber security should minimize losses for your business. READ MORE >>

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