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What characteristics are required to be a successful entrepreneur? Does the person need to be a technical guru like Bill Gates or very dedicated and focused like Steve Jobs? Should the person have a strong passion and vision like Care.com's Sheila Lirio Marcelo or is it more about culture, education, and life experiences? READ MORE >>

Every year come tax time people are scrambling to find as many tax deductions as possible in order to get the most amount of money back, or at least to lessen the amount of money that they might owe to good old Uncle Sam. READ MORE >>

Small businesses don’t usually have the available cash to offer monetary bonuses or top-notch benefits to their employees. Often times people enjoy working for small businesses because they are treated in a more personal way as opposed to just a number on a corporate HR list. READ MORE >>

If you are concerned about an elder's ability to drive safely, it is wise to address the problem immediately. It could make the difference between life and death. Although it may be tempting to delay the matter, an automobile accident resulting in injury or death could weigh on your conscience for years. READ MORE >>

If you’re looking for a more profitable tax season, consider implementing some popular tax strategies for decreasing your tax liabilities. Many of them are time savers and will reduce your anxiety during tax time. Most importantly, they comply with tax laws, so you don’t have to worry about an IRS audit. READ MORE >>

The Los Angeles Times reports that most American households have about 300,000 items from clothes, toys, paintings and more. Often, we collect items without even thinking about it, filling up our closets, shelves, basements, and garages with a variety of trivial things. READ MORE >>

 Are you looking to save money on heating and cooling costs? Shockingly, heating and cooling account for over 48% of energy use in most homes. The annual cost is enormous in comparison to other expenses. However, there are a variety of ways to keep the costs down, and here are five of the most cost-efficient ways to do so. READ MORE >>

It happened. One of those insane, unexpected server catastrophes that you believed would never occur. After all, you'd spent numerous dollars on updating your tapes, DVDs and flash drives. While getting that call in the middle of the night was not bad enough, the absence of a business continuity plan implies huge interruptions for your eCommerce business. READ MORE >>

You and your business partner just had a meeting with your IT staff, and you were advised that it’s time to develop a disaster recovery plan. You just lost several critical files, and now you’re wondering if your present backup media needs reviewing: tapes, flash drives, and DVDs. READ MORE >>

Most farmers do not need a vacation to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to play the slot machines, because they gamble every day with their livelihoods. While some risks are unavoidable, farmers can mitigate others by taking time to be more cautious. Weather READ MORE >>

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