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With so much of the world's data being digitized, adequate security is essential to protect the information you obtain from your clients, customers, and vendors. Whether it is payment information, social security numbers, or log-in information, you can open yourself up to litigation if you fail to adequately protect your data system against a breach. READ MORE >>

For some, a government shutdown starts and ends without any direct impact on their lives. For others, as well as the general economy, the impact can be far more significant. Indeed, if a shutdown lasts long enough, it can have a negative impact on the country's GDP. READ MORE >>

Having a lawyer to cover your business legally is crucial to protecting and growing your business. Many new businesses encounter legal issues, some of which have the potential to cause major problems and even force the closure of the company. You should consider the services of a lawyer an important cost of doing business. READ MORE >>

No one wants to purposely damage the earth, but sometimes the nature of certain industries can cause things to happen that are less than ideal for the environment. Oil companies are among a select group of industries that can severely impact the environment. READ MORE >>

The internet has provided a number of benefits to small business owners. But with these benefits comes the threat of cyberattacks. A breach in cybersecurity can be devastating to your business and there are a few things you should know to keep your business as safe as possible from cybercriminals. READ MORE >>

Communication is one of the most important aspects of conducting business and determines how easily deals are made or if the other party understands your requests. It can be challenging to succeed and work well with other professionals in the industry without some communication training. READ MORE >>

Are Hail Storms Becoming More Frequent In Colorado? On August 13, 2019, a 4.83 inch diameter hailstone was measured in the small rural town of Bethune in Eastern Colorado. This hailstone, which was larger than a baseball, broke the long-standing state record which was previously set at 4.5 inches. READ MORE >>

Home repair is booming business in America: In 2017, the average American homeowner spent $6,649 on home repairs. That gives contractors an incredible opportunity to profit off of every American's desire to improve their home and live in a better place. That being said, this isn't an easy market to access, and the competition is fierce. READ MORE >>

Remote employees allow your business to hire people for projects rather than for a fixed period of time. This flexibility also allows you to stay in contact with valued employees who may need work flexibility at some points in their lives. However, remote employees can feel excluded, and some may show lowered productivity over time. READ MORE >>

Entrepreneurs typically start companies with a goal or purpose in mind. For instance, you may choose to start a company because you want to help people or because you want to have more control over your career.   Regardless of why you decided to start a company, it is important that you take steps to help it grow and thrive. READ MORE >>

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