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Trucking accidents can have a significant impact your life as well as those of many others. If the accident involves a passenger vehicle, those inside of it are likely going to be hurt or killed. The same is true of any pedestrians who are hit by a large truck. READ MORE >>

If you’re flipping a house, an open floor plan is a beautiful way to structure it. It typically provides a large, open space for the kitchen, eating area and living room. There may be some other rooms included in this mix as well. READ MORE >>

Business owners and managers alike are tasked with the responsibility of producing exceptional results while making sure the company doesn't spend too much money. Although leaders attempt to provide as much guidance and supplies to their employees as they can, there comes a time when the work falls outside your technical expertise. READ MORE >>

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, then you know how important it is to create a business that’s known in the community; this is the lifeblood of your business, after all. However, the idea of creating community connections sounds better in theory that it often turns out to be in practice. READ MORE >>

Anyone who lives in Colorado knows there are a few constants to living here. We have comfortable weather most of the time, a brewery on every corner, and there is a massive amount of construction everywhere you look. READ MORE >>

With so much of the world's data being digitized, adequate security is essential to protect the information you obtain from your clients, customers, and vendors. Whether it is payment information, social security numbers, or log-in information, you can open yourself up to litigation if you fail to adequately protect your data system against a breach. READ MORE >>

For some, a government shutdown starts and ends without any direct impact on their lives. For others, as well as the general economy, the impact can be far more significant. Indeed, if a shutdown lasts long enough, it can have a negative impact on the country's GDP. READ MORE >>

Having a lawyer to cover your business legally is crucial to protecting and growing your business. Many new businesses encounter legal issues, some of which have the potential to cause major problems and even force the closure of the company. You should consider the services of a lawyer an important cost of doing business. READ MORE >>

No one wants to purposely damage the earth, but sometimes the nature of certain industries can cause things to happen that are less than ideal for the environment. Oil companies are among a select group of industries that can severely impact the environment. READ MORE >>

The internet has provided a number of benefits to small business owners. But with these benefits comes the threat of cyberattacks. A breach in cybersecurity can be devastating to your business and there are a few things you should know to keep your business as safe as possible from cybercriminals. READ MORE >>

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